SPR53, 2P-CN01 Marking Machine

SPR53, 2P-CN01 Marking Machine

Product Description

Standard Marking window: 50mm X 30mm
Type Of Machine: Pneumatic
Type Of Head: Poratble Head
Material of Cons:Aluminium Sheet Metal Body
Handles: Front support handle and rear Combo handle for manual holding & stand mtg.
Weight:2.5 kg without front fixture
Cable: 10m standard cable with head.
Standard Stylus: LP‐10 for Steel OR LP‐06 for Al Marking (P) / EM‐01 Stylus
Color of Machine: Siemens Grey

Axes: 2 & 3 axis versions available
Version: Pneumatic and Electric Version
Power Supply: Separate 24VDC 3A Power Adapter for Pneumatic & 24V 5A Power Adapter for Electric version.
Cooling: High Speed Fan provided.
Machine Connection: Robust Military Standard Round Bayonet Connectors
Ports: Ethernet for PC Connection.


Computer: Connects to any PC running Windows operating system & Ethernet port.
Software: Operates with proprietory STAMPITLAN 2015 Software

Inputs: 5 Inputs for automatic design selection
Outputs:2 Outputs, end of marking & machine ready for marking.