CN02, Simple Graphics Controller

Product Description

Axes: 2 axis only
Power Supply: Separate 24VDC 3A Power Adapter for Pneumatic & 24V 5A Power Adapter for Electric version.
Keyboard: Standard USB Keyboard
Cooling: High Speed Fan provided.
Machine Connection: Robust Military Standard Round Bayonet Connectors
Display: 4line 20 character display.
Inputs: 5 Inputs for automatic design selection
Outputs: 2 Outputs, end of marking & machine ready for marking.
Storage: 40 Blocks arranged in 31 designs.
Features: Normal, Inverted, Mirror, Circular, Inside Circle, Incremental Serial Numbers, Date, Variable Data. (Limited Features)
Fonts: Dot 5×7 & 7×9, Single Line Standard, Fast Font & Cursive Font.
Logos: Up to 4 HPGL PLT download from PC using Serial Port.
Ports: Serial RS232 for PC Connection.
Optional: Facility to mark Datamatrix Barcode with additional Module.