Cobol Pneumatic Machine

The cost-effective 2in1 machine with a simple display and USB keyboard for standalone working and serial port interface for computer based working. Includes all features of a power packed machine including Datamatrix barcode (optional).

Has in built capacity of 200 lines of data. Requires compressed air for working.

Product Description


Standard Marking window: 120mm X 100mm Std.
Column Height adjustment: 400mm
Power: 100 N
Standard Stylus: HF‐16 for Steel Marking OR HF‐10 for Aluminium Marking
Imprinting surface variance: 3mm (upto 10mm with LP‐10 Stylus)
Marking Speed: Depends on Application
Port: RS232 Port for PC & PLC Communication.



Electrical connection: 240v
Air connection: up to 6 bar



Machine Body: Aluminium with LM Guide ways from Hiwin.
Machine Cover: Carbon Steel with powder coating.
Colour of machine: Siemens Grey with Bright Blue Column.
Pneumatics: Mac, SMC & Janatics
CNC Controller: 2 Axis Hybrid Controller from STAMP ‘IT
Drive: Stepper Motors.
Packing: Air worthy packing.



Display:Operates on a 4 line 20 character display integrated with the controller.
Keyboard:Uses a USB Keyboard.
Storage Capacity:200 Lines.
Features:Normal, Inverted, Mirror, Circular, Inside Circle, Incremental Serial Numbers, Date,
Variable Data. (Limited Features)
Fonts:Dot 5×7, Dot 7×9 & Dot 11×19, Single Line Standard & Fast Font.
Logos:Up to 4 HPGL PLT downloads from PC using Serial Port.



I/O Port:5 Inputs for automatic file selection upto 31 files. End of marking, Marking Ready & Error
O/P Signals.
Datamatrix:Optionally can mark Datamatrix Barcode as Font number 6.
Customization:Lot of Customizable Accessories available.
  • Machine also available as separate controller and marking head mounted on the standard CF-02 Column Frame. Here the electronics is housed in a separate box. The same controller can also be used along with many other heads with different window sizes.
  • The Pneumatic Combination & Electric Combination are titles for the two photo sets. Show these two titles with the two photographs.

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