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STAMP ‘IT ROBOTAI & SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is the first Indian manufacturer of pin marking machines. We specialize in giving all types of CNC marking solutions for permanent direct part marking on metal & non-metal components and tags. The machines & solutions mainly cater to the traceability requirements of the automotive and auto-ancillary, engineering and aeronautical industry. Wherever there is a requirement of consistent marking & tracking with machines, Stamp ‘IT provides a right solution.

Company History


Humble beginnings

The parent company M/s Swami Samarth Consultants started providing high technology automation solutions to various companies.

The Journey

The company is in the field of providing turnkey marking solutions since 2000.

Own R & D, and launch of First Indian PC Based Pin Marking

In 2003 we started the R&D to manufacture the machines in India.
In the year 2005 we created history by making the first Indian PC based pin marking machine at less than half the price of an equivalent European machine. The company introduced the concept of PC based machines for the first time in Indian market and contrary to popular belief, the company is today the largest manufacturer of PC based machines in India.

Boom with 'CoboL' integratable machine

In 2009 we again became a pioneer in making the first Indian standalone pin marking machine by the name CoboL. This machine became popular with many companies for integratable applications.

In 2012, we have created the first Indian Scribing technology marking machine.


Crafted new Hybrid Marking machine with PC

In 2013, we have now opened a new chapter in history of pin marking machines. We have created a new class of Hybrid marking machine based on Ethernet port that combines advantages of PC based and standalone technologies.

Servicing and Improvising to next Level

Today we have more than 1000 machines installed for all types of marking applications in all parts of India. We export machines to many markets outside India also. Our channel partners all across India ensure sales, and timely support for the machines.